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The Largest Area Of Growth Right Now For Cannabis Is With Senior Citizens

The Largest Area Of Growth Right Now For Cannabis Is With Senior Citizens

By admin,

The largest area of growth right now for cannabis is with senior citizens, a demographic one may not have expected to be taking such a deep interest in cannabis. Many of today’s senior citizens grew up during the counterculture revolution of the 1960’s and may have experimented with cannabis briefly in their youth but were dissuaded from continued use during the height of the war on drugs.

Now with legalization occurring around the world, seniors are discovering that wonderful magical plant they fondly remember from their youthful indiscretions. Edibles in the form of candies, chocolates or infused teas and beverages are the preferred method for those in their golden years to consume cannabis and weed products that can provide a relaxing alternative to other prescription medications they may need for pain management, circulatory health or any of the dozens of regular ailments and medical conditions that occur with aging where cannabis has been shown to provide relief from. Many seniors are now taking advantage of the many CBD products that have become widely available across many jurisdictions at numerous retail and commercial outlets.

CBD products in the form of oils, creams and lotions for both medical and cosmetic purposes are highly popular with seniors who find them useful in treating a wide variety of ailments like arthritis pain or for cosmetic purposes to slow the effects of aging on the skin. Both CBD and THC infused bath balms, soaps, feminine hygiene and other personal hygiene products are also popular items among seniors for their medicinal effects.

For the sexual active senior, there are cannabis infused lubricants and lotions that can help increase the sensation of stimulation for issues surrounding erectile dysfunction, menopause, or healing other injuries to assist them in recovering their sexual libido. Although many seniors were around during the era of the Summer of Love and the Flower Power Era of the 1960’s, beyond the occasional youthful indiscretion, Wacky Tobacky was branded as criminal activity, people were scared off facing jail time for possession of small amounts. As more and more seniors embrace cannabis for pain relief and medicine hopefully the years of negative stigma associated with recreational and medical cannabis use will diminish over time, to finally usher in a new era of tolerance, acceptance, and awareness of the numerous applications cannabis has for society going forward. After all thats all grandpa would have wanted - isn’t it ?

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