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The Anti Cannabis Crusaders Of Yesterday And Decades Ago

The anti cannabis crusaders of yesterday and decades ago

By admin,

The anti cannabis crusaders of yesterday and decades ago would likely be absolutely shocked and amazed to see the world of 2020.  WIth the stigma almost completely gone or drastically reduced in countries around the world and more and more of them legalizing the plant, it finally actually seems like we have reached a decade where prohibition is finally dying. After a century of lies and propaganda and deceit finally minds are opening once again to both the medical and recreational benefits of this wonderful plants and people of all ages are finding many different ways and means to consume it.  News reports show that in areas that have legalized cannabis, consumption of alcohol has gone down considerably.

Police have reported no increase in crime, there are no more incidences of dangerous driving, yes, after legalisation it really does look like 100 years of prohibition propaganda was a lie! Quelle surprise. Today people are waking up and not only smoking cannabis,  wearing cannabis and eating generous amounts if cannabis – but marijuana has now actually become an important part of all kinds of  sophisticated events and parties. Media reports that cannabis is now influencing dating, weddings and corporate parties alike!  Yes – it truly is a brave new world that would thrill activists and hippies of yesteryear and shock the naysayers…who would ever have believed this would be possible. And yet it truly is!

Yes – the days of the hippie marijuana brownies have long passed.  Now you can literally get everything from cannabis & weed cookies to cannabis spaghetti sauce, drink mixes, coffee, and any other product you can think of.  And the corporate world has finally started to pay attention to all of this.  From  100 mg or 200 mg  products from legacy brands to dispensary order weed delivery you will be surprised at the incredible variety of quality edibles in the North American marketplace. Remember to go slow when you are eating it because as many have learned to their surprise, eating marijuana can have a stronger effect and a longer lasting one then just smoking – even if you are a regular  cannabis smoker. These days there are so many incredible options for the cannabis consumer.

Times have truly changed. After all these years – who would have ever believed it would be the pot smokers that can say “WE won!” The genie is out of the bottle – cannabis and hemp aren’t a secret anymore.

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